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I could provide a fantastic answer to RuneScape

Bombardment works too in the event that you have monsters close to RuneScape gold one another and also have spare adrenaline. 2h Ranged: precise same as above but swap Needle Strike for Dazing shot. Dual wield Magic: precise same as previously but swap Sonic Wave for Concentrated burst. I hardly if ever use 2h Melee so dunmuch there.

A few helpful hints: If you use Fragmentation shot right before Snapshot the damage per second is unbelievable. If you use Bombardment before Tight Bindings you get a very nice damage pile. If you've Sacrifice utilize it as often as possible, attempt to get those KO's with it for big cure. Use Sunshine and Death's Swiftness as often as you can. Berserk works too for Melee but isn't that good for Slayer contemplating it only lasts for 20 minutes. Additionally ask some PK'ers they actually know what's up with combat and I've probably left a lot out.

Really wish I could provide a fantastic answer to this question but I have not done the study since the battle improvements update which changed many skills. The issue is that Jagex has really, really terrible communication between their writers and code men, and both website and ingame descriptions are often completely false in contrast to the actual code. A good example of that is Wild Magic pre combat enhancements: Its ingame and site description says that it must do between 25% and 250% damage, although in reality it did 73%-219% harm. You will find many other mislabeled skills pre combat improvements.

Many abilities are probably still labeled incorrect, but I sadly don't have the information. Another thing I would have to be aware of is the proper recharge times of abilities. Jagex has an incredibly annoying insistence on using seconds, rounded imprecisely, rather than using decimal values or simply calling it"game ticks". Also, you should NOT be requesting pkers about dps since dps is of hardly any importance in pking - it is about stuns, defensives, prayer disrupts, and higher burst damage combos. If you attempt to pk someone with conventional pvm strategy they'll tank you for days.

I just purchased the Spider Orb from the Grand Exchange and used it in battle underneath the Barbarian Village. The very first thing I noticed is that the cartoon seems to suggest the spell is coming out of the Spider Orb (And maybe not the Spider Wand, that I have outfitted ). On a Runescape wiki I found the following regarding the Spider Orb:"The Spider orb is a magic orb worn at the shield slot. It takes 20 Magic to wear. It is the off-hand equal of the spider wand, and buy runescape 3 gold it lets players cast spells with all the off-hand slot".

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